What We Do

Mitch, a beer aficionado with a dad joke ready for ya at all times. He has over 25 years of contracting and finish carpentry experience. The life of the party, Mitch brings the fun wherever he goes.

Liz, a sports hall of famer with an eye for design and a love of building. Working with reclaimed materials, she aims to bring high style to tiny spaces. Her unstoppable optimism is contagious!

Leo, a dog of the dingo variety. Avoids most people, as he is suspicious of everyone. He guards the shop, consults on designs, and gives enormous amounts of side eye while silently judging you.


At BeerWeTow we have two passions: high style renovations and craft beer. We take long forgotten travel trailers and turn them into unique, vintage inspired party spaces. The BeerWeTow team is made of us three, Liz, Mitch, and Leo. We’ve worked together for a number of years, but this is by far our favorite project.  


Want A Trailer of your own?

At BeerWeTow we are obsessed with all things "Vintage Trailer." We have a few projects in the works at all times, so if you are looking for something a bit more permanent, we may have something for you.